6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Cash and Stock Register System

Updating your point of sale (POS) systems can help you to provide better customer service, increase your stock control, increase staff efficiency, reduce theft at the point of sale, and provide customers with more information. You can even use the POS system to help you to identify particular staff members who may need additional training to increase sales. Using new technology, your POS equipment can give you far more information than simply being an electronic record of the sale.

Provide Better Customer Service

Updating your POS systems can help your staff to provide much better customer service. You can include product notes within the system, so staff can accurately provide information to customers about the product. You can serve customers faster with good pos equipment that uses touch screen technology to streamline the service process.

Increase Ease of Stock Control

Did you know that new pos systems actually allow you to reorder stock as each product sells? Integrated with your electronic point of sale or cash register system, you can have inventory software that automatically updates the stock count for each item as orders arrive and staff register the sales.

Increase Staff Efficiency

As well as providing staff with an easy to use touch screen pos system that increases customer service, the upgraded point of sale systems increase staff efficiency in so many ways. Staff will find it easy and efficient to control stock, find out product information, and work together more efficiently as a team with a great pos system.

Reduce Theft at the Point of Sale

Interestingly, one of the key benefits of upgrading your retail point of sale system is the reduction of theft at the point of sale. Because staff can use the pos computer equipment to check what stock is in the storeroom, the staff member does not have to leave the register to check if that top the customer wants comes in blue or not. This reduces the risk of having thieves use a customer query as a ploy to steal while the staff member checks out the back. Even better, you can integrate the pos system with security doors or alarms that will immediately let a staff member know when something the pos system has marked as “unsold” walks out the door.

Provide Customers with More Information

Your POS equipment can provide your customers with more information on the product, and can even suggest additional products that match the original sale to make the upsale easier. Your pos system can include information such as washing instructions for fabric purchases or warranty information for technology goods.

Identify Staff Training Needs

Finally, upgrading you POS system can help you to identify individual staff training needs. Unlike the traditional cash register system where you cannot tell which staff member on shift rang up the sale, if you upgrade your POS equipment, you will be able to tell which staff member does what. You’ll know how long each staff member spends on a sale and whether the staff member makes additional sales based on the notes for staff within the system. You can use the information from your POS system to identify staff members who require additional training to reach quotas or peak efficiency.

Upgrade your POS system and reap the benefits of increased efficiency, better customer service, and easier stock control. You can reduce losses through theft, lack of information for customers, and lack of training for staff.


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