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Bakery Fair 2015

Condor POS Solutions RP Inc. Will be joining the Bakery Fair 2015 that will be held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila on January 30, 2015 to February 1, 2015. We will be showing all of our products and we will also conduct a short demo. Do you already have Point of Sales for […]

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How Do You Test a Bar Code?

Maybe the first question should be, why do you test a bar code — and why is it necessary? Here’s my take. It is necessary to test a bar code because when it doesn’t work right, it causes huge problems and potentially huge liability. Bar codes hold the retail supply chain together and make it […]

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Right Point of Sale Solution Increases Business Profit

Why should you worry about the Point of Sale system you use in your business? Because choosing the right one will help your business earn more money. If your customers can get what they need, pay for it quickly and efficiently, and leave with an easy to understand receipt, they will be more likely to […]

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Condor POS Equipment for your Business

POS equipments are the most vital devices that you require for your business. POS hardware will keep your business exceptional and save a lot of your time. All the products by the Condor point of sale supports the pos hardware, the mix of our product and pos hardware will allow to smooth your business. The […]

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Condor POS Solutions RP Inc. is Now a Certified Member of FIFA

Condor POS Solutions RP Inc. is now a member of FIFA – Filipino International Franchise Association.  

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Point Of Sale Installation And Training

When you decide to install a point of sale system for your retail business, training for that system is a very important process. Installing a POS system will tremendously improve the efficiency of your day to day operations. It is therefore important for the trainers from the POS installation company to help the employees in […]

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Transform your Business w/ Condor POS Software

POS software will help you to stay informed concerning your cash. It will tell you numerous things about it –, for example, where it is originating from, where it is going to and what is making you the most conceivable measure of cash. It’s going to guarantee that your inventory is loaded with items that […]

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The holidays are upon us: Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and Christmas is just around the corner. With increased retailer foot traffic, and shoppers short on time, the restaurant industry is about to dive into one of its busiest seasons, which means, it’s time to ask yourself the question, “Is my restaurant ready […]

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Point of Sale Software And Its Uses

What is point of sale software? In order to understand point of sale software one must comprehend the meaning of point of sale (POS). It can be defined as a place where a retail transaction takes place. The payment made by the customer for exchange of goods and services to the seller is calculated at […]

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POS Software for Pubs, Restaurants, Coffee Shops & Night Clubs

Make a selection which is the best EPOS: When you are determined to purchase a POS for your business (either Pub POS or POS restaurant) then get ready first to find out more about the POS you are going to buy. Making a good choice is really an art. You need to make a choice […]

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