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An Automated Point-of-Sale (POS) Tracking System Makes Your Sales Reps Look Good!

If you are a supplier or distributor of beverage alcohol, an on-line, Point-of-Sale (POS) tracking system can and will help your sales organizations improve their performance more than ever before. This is true today due to the on-going acceleration of competition for not only market share but also for actual market size. The Distributor’s Sales […]

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Bakery Fair 2015

Condor POS Solutions RP Inc. Will be joining the Bakery Fair 2015 that will be held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila on January 30, 2015 to February 1, 2015. We will be showing all of our products and we will also conduct a short demo. Do you already have Point of Sales for […]

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The Increasing Popularity of Restaurant POS Systems

Point of Sale Restaurants use computer-based technology for recording data, capturing orders and displaying tickets. Bartenders, restaurant servers and cashiers in these establishments use POS Restaurant systems to take and enter beverage and food orders-in an easy and comfortable way. Capabilities of POS Applications A POS fulfills the role of a computer as well as […]

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How Do You Test a Bar Code?

Maybe the first question should be, why do you test a bar code — and why is it necessary? Here’s my take. It is necessary to test a bar code because when it doesn’t work right, it causes huge problems and potentially huge liability. Bar codes hold the retail supply chain together and make it […]

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Efficient Aspects Of Barcode Scanners

How barcode scanners can make your business more efficient When it comes to streamlining business and making processes leaner, barcode scanners are vital tools. Because they are able to automate what has traditionally been a time-intensive process, barcode scanners save significant amounts of time and money for companies. How exactly do they do this? Why […]

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Visual Retail Plus and Point of Sale Touch Screens

Touch screen technology has come a long way. People have forgotten how exotic the technology they see and use everyday once was.Visual Retail Plus has from the beginning been designed hand in hand with touch screens. This technology will allow the end user, regardless of technical knowledge to use and operate a touch screen in […]

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Right Point of Sale Solution Increases Business Profit

Why should you worry about the Point of Sale system you use in your business? Because choosing the right one will help your business earn more money. If your customers can get what they need, pay for it quickly and efficiently, and leave with an easy to understand receipt, they will be more likely to […]

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Condor POS Equipment for your Business

POS equipments are the most vital devices that you require for your business. POS hardware will keep your business exceptional and save a lot of your time. All the products by the Condor point of sale supports the pos hardware, the mix of our product and pos hardware will allow to smooth your business. The […]

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Condor POS Solutions RP Inc. is Now a Certified Member of FIFA

Condor POS Solutions RP Inc. is now a member of FIFA – Filipino International Franchise Association.  

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Point Of Sale Installation And Training

When you decide to install a point of sale system for your retail business, training for that system is a very important process. Installing a POS system will tremendously improve the efficiency of your day to day operations. It is therefore important for the trainers from the POS installation company to help the employees in […]

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