CIMS Retail POS: Creating Accurate and efficient Transactions

To open up successful retail store regardless a convenience store, supermarket,  meat shops, apparel store, etc. requires various considerations. It takes a lot of efforts, Perseverance, Research most of the all is the Fund.
And as owner you don’t want to lose money in business, you always wanted stay on the top of the competition, you want to retain your customer and satisfy them and most of all you wanted to make your business grow.
Nonetheless, how you can stay on the top of the competition, how can you retain your customer, how can you make your business grow? These are all questions if your service is unsatisfiable or your Retail business face different problem. One of the common problems is finding the best Technology solutions for the retail Industry.
Condor POS Solutions, Develop a Retail POS technology that will simplify the retailers Business process. It is backed up with powerful features that will surely help your Retail Business when it comes to sales and inventory.

Below are some CIMS Retail POS Features that you will benefit.

1. It has Sales and Inventory Reports, CIMS Retail POS has complete Reports of the all transactions in the business. Example, Inventory cost reports, Sales reports, Fast moving product reports, Non-Moving reports, Stock Movement/Stock card reports, Price change reports, Bad order reports, Void reports, Customer Point report and many more. These are just some reports that CIMS retail POS could do for you. Name the reports that you need to in your business, and we surely Condor POS provide it for you. All reports have the option t range the date, choose summary or detail, and view to screen, print directly to printer and print to a file.

User-friendly, Some POS provider requires the user become techy just to operate their POS But in Condor Development Team, Created the POs interface that easy to utilize for the POS user.
Stand Alone, One of the edges of Condor from other provider is the ability of the POS to transact and generate reports even without the internet, Condor Wants to make your business operations efficient and productive.

Multi-level password security, CIMS POS Built with security, user friendly to those who has access with the POS, but uneasy to those unauthorized to access. Let’s say you as a manager of your business has the authority to access the Void Button only, Condor POS could do that for you, and anyone within the store couldn’t access the void button aside from you.

It Is a Complete Package, Other provider offers only software and you have to outsource the hardware from other provider. Or some offers software and Hardware but you have no access to other features of the POS, and if you need access to other features you have to pay in addition to the payment of the package. However, Condor Offers complete package of software and Hardware with complete sales and inventory modules that you need.

Suggested P.O Features, Goodbye to the manual counting of Stocks in your selling area, and spending your time in writing your Purchase Order to your supplier. CIMS Retail POS packed up with Suggested PO features. It able to suggest what items in your store needs to order from the supplier.

Bad Order Tracking, CIMS retail POS able to track the delivered Bad orders such as spoilage, Distort cans, etc.
Accredited by BIR and Various Organizations, CIMS Retail POS is a trusted POS, because it is duly accredited by the bureau of Internal Revenue and certified by various Organizations such as Microsoft, RSPA The Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines etc.

We recommend that you choose a system that is especially designed for the retail Industry to help you automate all your retail operations, from managing your sales to inventory, your Business to your customers. We understand that managing Retail Business is a stressful. That is the reason, why Condor POS Solutions Develop a POS that would cater all your needs.

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