How to fix a POS printer not printing

Thermal Printer

While there are specific fixes for specific models of printers, many times a printing issue can be solved with a simple fix.

Here we’ll outline the common fixes we find work across most printers.

Wires / Connections

  • Turn off the computer or device the printer is connected to, the router if used, and the printer. Now power on the router, printer, and computer / device in that order.
  • While devices are off check if all the cables are plugged in and stable. It’s common for printer cables to get kicked around if under the register counter near feet!
  • Check for any frayed cables (of course, while unplugged).
  • If you moved the printer, make sure you are using the same ethernet / USB port as before.
  • Switch to a different ethernet / USB port and reconfigure driver for that new port if necessary.

Programs / OS

  • Re-start the POS app.
  • Close any apps that may be using the USB ports or accessing the printer via the network.
  • Make sure the printer is selected as the default operating system printer.
  • If you are on a desktop OS, you may need to upgrade Java from here:
  • If you are on a desktop OS, make sure the proper paper size is set. The most common is 72mm x receipt.
  • If you have a firewall installed, it may be interfering with printer operation. Try disabling it temporarily and printing again. If that works, you need to create a rule for the printer to bypass the firewall.


  • Have another computer / device? Try setting up the printer with that instead. This is a great way to verify if the printer is not the problem.
  • Check the printer’s paper. Look for a jam or in many cases what we see, paper rolls inserted upside down.
  • Look at the status lights. A blinking light of any kind usually means something is wrong. Reference your manufacturers manual for the exact reason for the blinking. Here are links to Star Micronics and Epson manual lists.
  • If other methods don’t work, try a hard reset on the printer. Usually this is done by pressing or holding a tiny reset button on the printer while you reset it, but check the manual for you printer to find out how.


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