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 what is Cloud Reporting, Cloud reporting is the service provided by condor to its client to use the application running on the cloud infrastructure. This could also be use as an advantage in monitoring the Sales and Inventory reports of your store branches. 

Because of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, The limited movements of transportation and people were implemented all over the Philippines.

Hence, Business Owners of Retail Stores such as Convenience Stores, Grocery stores, Meat shops, etc. who remain open amidst of this pandemic. Monitoring of Sales and Inventory reports of the store branches are now a question, since you couldn’t go to the physical store to check the POS reports yourself as you do before the pandemic.

Why Monitoring of Sales and inventory is a crucial part of the business? Here are some reason why you have to closely monitor your sales and inventory.

Spoilage minimizationinventory management is vital for sellers who deal with products that have an expiry date.

Outdated Products – When you know all about your stock, you can avoid situations when an item outdated and become low in-demand due to season changes.

Purchasing Costs – An accurate and comprehensive monitoring of inventory helps you saves money by purchasing only what products needed and reduce the holding cost the item that doesn’t produce more sales.

Purchasing in volume – Having inventory reports will give you an idea what items that sell a large number, and then it provides you an idea to negotiate a bulk procure agreement with your vendor to lower the cost per unit of those items.

Sales Data– Measuring your monthly, daily, quarterly sales report allows you to determine the status of your business. It is a clear indication whether your business is gaining, degrading, or stagnating.

That will not be a question anymore, Condor POS Solutions released the CIMS Cloud reporting to help business owners monitor the sales and Inventory of their business even at home.
CIMS Cloud Reporting, is a web-based application that composed of sales and inventory reports on specific branch or store. Presenting reports data via web which is available anytime anywhere.

Features of CIMS Cloud Reporting
• Web sales and Inventory reports
• Dashboards
• View and Download reports
• Email Notification
• Create user profile

How it works?
•There is an integration tool on each terminal per branch to send the data.
•Data are uploaded to the cloud upon performing XYZ Reading.

SALES Report Type

•Daily Sales Transaction
It allows you to monitor your Daily Sales Per branch and
represented by diagrams to for comprehensive visual reporting.








• Sales per location – Provides sales data of your stores per branch.


Sales per payment type – Gives owner the data of payment type made by the customers.


• Monthly comparative Sales – Provides the owner the complete visual of the monthly comparative sales made by the stores per branch.


Monthly Sales Per location– Provides the Complete Monthly sales Data per location.


•Monthly Sales Per Quantity


• Top Selling Product per Quantity – Gives data of your top selling product per quantity.



Top Department by revenue – provides data by revenue per product department.



Void Transaction – Provides the owner data of the amount voided and voided items.

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