iPad POS for Restaurants: Security is Job One

Restaurant owners and managers know that streamlining their point of sale systems is not only a desire but also a necessity. Switching from bulkier systems can be a major expense for a restaurant, but the purchase price of sleeker POS systems can also be considered an investment with major potential for fruitful returns. In today’s market, being on the cutting edge of customer service, inventory management, and waste control means being prepared to handle the demands of a mobile market. Switching to a more mobile point of sale system could mean the difference between your business being the old familiar neighborhood place and being the next big thing on the block. But the major consideration in today’s mobile market is one that consumers are truly concerned about: security.ipadPOS

Revel Systems, one provider online POS systems— the iPad connected with the receipt printer, cash drawer, and cardswipe — has joined forces with Network Intercept to create a powerful iPad POS system. Working in partnership, the two have created an iPad POS system that uses Network Intercept’s Secure-Me solution to secure restaurant POS payments and provides the consumer with identity theft protection. According to Revel Systems, the decision to partner with Network Intercept will make them one of the most secure restaurant POS providers on the market.

Unlike the standard security systems on POS systems, the Secure-Me solution uses verification and encrypts all data and payment information from end to end. This gives the customer the highest level of protection against all known forms of identity theft attacks. With Revel Systems’ new, secure POS system, customers can once again pay with a credit card without increasing their susceptibility to identity theft.






source: http://goo.gl/6Ghfdz


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