Monday Sickness: Offlinemark Is Damaged


It is a new week for all of us. Hope you guys had a good weekend. ūüôā

Now, for the first topic for Condor’s Monday Sickness. We will be discussing one of our client’s problem with their CIMS.

What is CIMS? It means Condor Inventory Management System. It is our POS system dedicated for retail businesses.

The problem encountered by a client from last week was damaged offlinemark.

Offlinemark Is Damaged

What does it mean?
This system error is encountered whenever there is network interference, improper shutdown, voltage fluctuation and power failure.

What can be the solution for it?
The offlinemark.mdb must be replaced.

How to do it?
In mark folder, rename offlinemark with date for backup purposes (example: offlinemark10252013). Copy offlinemark from reset folder Offlinemark Is Damagedand paste it to mark folder. Open ipostemp.mdb, in counters table, delete last offlineupdatedate. Close everything and Whola! CIMS is back to its working condition.

There you have it, the process of solving damaged offlinemark. Of course, dearest readers and listeners be mindful of using your systems responsibly. Don’t take shortcuts, always check everything which are needed and please perform proper shutdown.





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Condor Monday Sickness
There you have it, Happy Monday!

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