Privacy Policy



What data we collect about you?

We collect information when you start inquiring about employment with Condor. To further the application, we ask you to send your resume with your signature, fill out the Pre-Interview Form. Upon careful assessment, you will be invited personally or via phone call to visit the office to take exam and fill out Interview Checklist and be personally interviewed by HR Supervisor, Team Lead/Department Head, Technical Manager (if applicable) , CEO and President.

Prior to employment, we require you to furnish us data based from the Pre-Employment Requirements.

Upon employment, we use your data for updating your 201 file. (i.e. Resume, Training Materials (if applicable) Results of your immediate supervisor’s Performance Evaluation Form, Coaching Forms and others related to your employment.

After separation from Condor, we secure your Exit Clearance, Exit Interview Form, Acceptance of Resignation Letter, and Exit Clearance,

We collect information when you inquire of our POS Service. We get your full name, nature of your business, name of your business and its location, contact details, and other related information for us to process your inquiry.

Upon closing the deal, we get our Client’s company’s data for legal processing. We also get the menu for programming and other pertinent information to install successfully the POS software bought from Condor.

After the install, the Client will keep providing data to Condor for the latter to provide technical support to the former when needed.

How do we use your information?

We use your information to assess and validate whether your qualifications may meet our standards for training (product knowledge) and/or employment. We also use your information for further assessment of our clients onshore.

We use your information to process and administer your employment and even after you separate from Condor. We use your information for account set-up, to facilitate communication, provide support and performance evaluation, and perform duties and responsibilities.

Who do we share your data with?

We share your information with our affiliates and necessary third parties for any legitimate business purpose and company and customer campaigns.

Where do we process your data?

Our server is located in Quezon City. We also have technical support from Condor Solutions Ltd, located in Alberta, Canada. Internal control measures are undertaken to strictly limit access to your data by designated team members.

How long do we keep hold of your data?

Personal and employment information will be stored in files as long as Condor exists or in operation. Inactive files are separate from active files where both are stored separately.

Personal and client’s information about its own Company will be stored in in files for a minimum of fifteen (15) years. Condor will take reasonable steps to destroy the Personal Data once it is no longer needed.

How can I exercise my rights over my data?

Under the Data Privacy Act of 2012, you have a right to obtain from an organization a copy of any information relating to you that they have on their computer database and/or manual filing system. It should be provided in an easy-to-access format, accompanied with a full explanation executed in plain language. You have access to the following from the company’s Data Protection Officer through written request:

    • The contents of your personal data that were processed
    • The sources from which they were obtained
    • Names and addresses of the recipients of your data.
    • Manner by which they were processed
    • Reasons for disclosure to recipients, if there were any.
    • Information on automated systems where your data is or may be available, and how it
      may affect you.
    • Date when your data was last accessed and modified.
    • The identity and address of the personal information controller.

How will we notify you of changes?

If there are any significant changes to this Data Privacy Policy, we will send you a notification via your registered email before the change becomes effective. If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concerns that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please send an email to You will be contacted the soonest reasonable time.

Condor will ask you to provide certain Personal Data which may be used either for: (A) processing application, (B) administering employment and company engagement up to termination of employment (C) performing POS software and hardware services (D) promoting Company’s business (E) taking part in the survey for the betterment and improvement of our services.

Condor will ensure written authorization or consent from you for any processing, sharing or health information, except for those provided by the law. You may withdraw your consent subject to applicable privacy laws anytime by informing us in writing.

Your personal data may be disclosed to (1) affiliates (2) concerned disclosure to third parties (2) as required or authorized by law.

Personal and employment information will be stored in files as long as Condor exists. Inactive files are separated from active files. Personal and client’s information about its own Company will be stored in files for a minimum
of fifteen (15) years. Condor will take reasonable steps to destroy permanently or anonymous the Personal Data once it is no longer needed.