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Cloud Reporting-Tools and Solutions for your Business

 what is Cloud Reporting, Cloud reporting is the service provided by condor to its client to use the application running on the cloud infrastructure. This could also be use as an advantage in monitoring the Sales and Inventory reports of your store branches.  Because of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, The limited movements of transportation and […]

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The Role of the POS (VAR) Value Added Reseller

So, you’ve decided to make point of sale technology an integral part of your business—what do you do now? One aspect of the POS industry that can be confusing to the uninitiated is that a person typically doesn’t buy POS systems directly from the companies that manufacture them. Instead, we have what are called POS […]

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Transact Your Business Quick and Easy’ Use Condor POS Software

The high-tech insurgency has come up with numerous gadgets that have lessened human efforts all things considered. POS software is one such technology that will revolutionize your business. POS Software will help to work cash registers. Alongside your cash register, it will oversee different machines also included in financial transactions. Point of Sale software can […]

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Transform your Business w/ Condor POS Software

POS software will help you to stay informed concerning your cash. It will tell you numerous things about it –, for example, where it is originating from, where it is going to and what is making you the most conceivable measure of cash. It’s going to guarantee that your inventory is loaded with items that […]

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The holidays are upon us: Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and Christmas is just around the corner. With increased retailer foot traffic, and shoppers short on time, the restaurant industry is about to dive into one of its busiest seasons, which means, it’s time to ask yourself the question, “Is my restaurant ready […]

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Point of Sale Software And Its Uses

What is point of sale software? In order to understand point of sale software one must comprehend the meaning of point of sale (POS). It can be defined as a place where a retail transaction takes place. The payment made by the customer for exchange of goods and services to the seller is calculated at […]

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CIMS Installation – Karne Korner Ko

CIMS Installation – Karne Korner Ko, 10th Ave Caloocan

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