When Is the Best Time to Assess Your PoS Systems?

Most small to medium retailers buy their Point of Sale (PoS) systems and once it is installed they forget it until it causes a problem. Unfortunately this is generally at their busiest time.

Assessment of your PoS systems should be an ongoing process. Tax breaks for new equipment and tax deductions on leasing costs should inspire retailers to regularly update their systems to the latest technology and keep themselves and their stores ready for peak trading conditions. The Assessment must be planned around your expected Peak time transaction periods, for example -lunch times, weekends and holiday peak periods like Christmas and Easter.

Retail sales are still slow but showing some signs of recovery. Do you want your clients walking away because they are waiting in line while your staff is struggling with older technologies in both Software and Hardware?
Things to Consider

Software – Is it intuitive for staff to use? Are you using touch technology? Touch enabled systems enable faster processing by the operators. Has your product file become so big it is slowing the transaction processing? Is the stock file written using the latest tools?

PoS PC – Integrated Terminals – Are you using a retail hardened device? PoS PCs and terminals are designed to run 24 hours a day 365 days a year. A standard PC is expected to only work on average 40% of this time. Is it powerful enough to run all your Point of Sale (Pos) Software Systems and ancillary equipment?

PoS Printer-Along with PoS software the biggest potential time waster is the receipt printer. The Thermal receipt printer with print speed up to 300 mm per second is essential for today’s businesses. The slowest thermal receipt printers with produce a standard receipt is less than a second, while a fast dot matrix printer will take 5-10 seconds to do the same.

Scanners – Technology is this area has moved ahead in leaps and bounds over recent years. The advent of digital imaging has improved the speed, the reliability and the versatility of the barcode scanner while also reducing the cost.


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