Bakery Fair 2023

Condor joins the biggest and most star-studded Philippine bakery event, Bakery Fair 2023. 

The Bakery Fair 2023 is a favourable occasion to promote and advertise our products. It is also an exposure to a large number of potential leads.

World Food Expo 2022

Condor joins the biggest food expo in the Philippines!  WOFEX is bringing business back after months of lock down.

Participating in WOFEX is an annual event Condor – a perfect opportunity not only to showcase our excellent products, but also to network and share insights in the industry. 

Summer Escapade

Condor goes to Appleton Little Paradise Resort and Restaurant in Real, Quezon.  Where the team enjoyed a lot of fun-filled activities, great food and serene view of Quezon’s beautiful view.



In today’s age of mobile devices, people who owns a smart phone finds any transaction more efficient if done through a mobile device.  Mainly due to mobility and speed.  Condor’s CIMS F&B Solution now offers an application that can be installed to any android 10+ smart phones that serves as an ordering terminal.  Food servers can take order and directly send instructions to the kitchen cutting the waiting time of food preparations.  Bills can be conveniently and immediately printed using a mobile mini printer that food servers usually carry around.  CIMS Mobile Ordering offline mode, allows you to use the application in an offline environment.  Internet connection is not required.


Seamlessly manage your orders without the hassle and risk of preparing and loosing order slips!  Organize your kitchen operations and food dispatch through a digital display where everybody can efficiently update, communicate and expedite orders.  Eliminate the risks of wrong and missing orders by getting more organize, faster and accurate order preparation and expedite.  Guaranteed to provide your customers a great dining experience!


Coming soon!  Your CIMS reports available in the cloud, access it anytime, anywhere.  Keep track of your business and stay ahead of your competition.

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