Our Support


A software maintenance agreement is as important and useful for the health and updates of your system. This enables our support team to provide the maximum applicable services without any delay. Moreover, it’s a sign of our commitment and partnership, while having the peace of mind of knowing that your system is being taken care of.

We have SMA Plans with packages tailored to your business needs.

Other Services


All CPOS products, hardware, and peripherals from Condor come with a one-year depot warranty. We offer a free in-house hardware assessment, diagnosis, and repair (replacements of parts not included) within the warranty.

Our experienced hardware technician will diagnose and repair your system; just send it to our office either through courier or hand carry. Choosing Condor means choosing reliability, quality, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.


Our technical support specialist will visit the customer’s premises and provide support assistance where the POS system is located.

By choosing our Onsite Support service, you are investing in a responsive and customer-centric approach to technical assistance. We understand the importance of a well-functioning POS system for your business, and our team is committed to providing the highest level of support right at your doorstep.


With the availability of an internet connection, our dedicated and experienced technical support specialist will provide support assistance remotely while talking to customers on the phone, providing swift responses and efficient service.

our Remote Support Services redefine the traditional support paradigm by harnessing the capabilities of the internet. With a focus on efficient issue resolution, personalized customer interaction, and cost-effective solutions, we empower businesses and individuals to navigate the complexities of technology with confidence.


One-to-one or classroom training: we provide comprehensive user training with a hands-on process to ensure maximum learning.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the training sessions, as we provide ongoing support and resources to reinforce learning and address any emerging questions or challenges. With our user-centric approach, we aim to equip Condor POS users with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their operational efficiency and unlock the full potential of the system.