Making retail transactions easier, more accurate and faster.  Manage your inventory efficiently and boost sales with our feature-rich point of sales system.

Best for department store, convenience store, hardware, drugstore, meat shop, souvenir shop, supermarket and specialty store.


Sales and Inventory Monitoring

Various Discounts Management

Product Transformation and Conversion

Serial Number and Expiration Tracking

Inventory Movements and Purchase Order

Account Receivables

Consignor Commission

Shelf Tag Printing

Price Overrides and Free Items

Average Sales Report

Sales Forecast Report

Hourly, Daily and Monthly Sales Reports

Condor’s F&B solution includes system suitable for type of restaurants with table service and quick service.


Customizable Front-end

Ingredients Inventory

Table Mapping

Multiple Payment Mode

Item Modifiers

Product Expiration

Direct Stock Adjustment

Mix and Match

VAT and Non-VAT Item Reports

Inventory Variance Report

Compatible with Kitchen and Expedite System

Kitchen & Expedite Management

Manage and monitor all your orders efficiently, avoid wrong and lost orders and get all your food serve fast and hot!

Mobile Applications

As part of our commitment to provide quality, affordable and effective solutions, Condor is continuously developing applications that will help maximize customers value.  Our mobile applications are designed to provide more revenue to business through mobility and efficiency, without expensive devices.

Mobile Ordering

Take and send orders remotely and avoid line ups at ordering station.  Spend more time with the customer focusing on great customer experience while taking orders at the palm of your hand.

Mobile Inventory Assistant

Mobile Inventory Assistant can help perform physical inventory within store, warehouse or stock room without moving items.  

Line Buster

Queuing system which aids quick service to be much more faster, serving more customers and minimizing long lines.

Process Flow Management

Process management to help monitor and manage services.  Ideal for service industries like locksmiths, shoe and bag repairs, or any shops that requires process to deliver service.

Food and Beverage POS Solutions

CIMS Diner provides the ultimate dining experience and is best for casual dining, fine dining, cafeteria, bistro, gastropub and destination restaurant.

CIMS QSR is an easy to use POS system with pay-as-you-order function, and is best for fast food restaurants.

CIMS Kiosk convenient and affordable POS package ideal for cafe, food cart, milk tea and coffee shops with minimal number of products.