As the culinary world converges at the World Trade Center Metro Manila from April 12–14, 2024, the 16th Philippine Food Expo promises a feast for the senses and a platform for industry players to showcase their innovations. Among them stands Condor POS Solutions, ready to make a grand impression with its revolutionary new product, Misa CukCuk, a cloud-based restaurant management system poised to transform the way businesses in the food industry operate.


Led by the visionary CEO, Dave Appleton, Condor POS Solutions is not just offering a product; it’s offering a solution. Misa CukCuk aims to empower businesses, big and small, with cutting-edge technology tailored to meet their specific needs.

At the heart of Misa CukCuk’s appeal is its versatility. Catering to a diverse range of businesses, including kiosks, retail outlets, pharmacies, fast-food chains, and restaurants, Condor POS Solutions ensures that no matter the size or scope of the establishment, they have the right tools to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Philippine Food Expo showcases “Best of Filipino Flavors”

One of the most significant highlights of Condor POS Solutions‘ presence at the Philippine Food Expo is the introduction of their Starter Plan, offered absolutely free. Recognizing the challenges faced by small businesses, particularly in the wake of recent global events, this gesture underscores Condor’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

Philippine Food Expo - Cloud based POS Selling

But it’s not just about affordability; it’s about functionality too. Misa CukCuk comes equipped with features designed to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience. From QR dine-in and website ordering to online reservations, this cloud-based system seamlessly integrates into the workflow, ensuring efficiency at every step.

Moreover, with the convenience of operating even without an internet connection, businesses can rest assured that they’ll never miss a beat, even in the face of technical challenges.

Condor POS Team - Philippine Food Expo

Condor POS Solutions doesn’t just stop at providing a product; they provide peace of mind. With the Misa CukCuk cloud-based system offering a generous 3-month free trial, businesses have ample time to experience the full range of benefits before making a commitment.

Cloud based POS Software Selling

As the Philippine Food Expo opens its doors, Condor POS Solutions stands ready to not only showcase its innovative solutions but also to immerse itself in the vibrant tapestry of the Philippine food industry. Supported by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and leading business organizations, this event serves as a melting pot of ideas, opportunities, and partnerships.

For Condor POS Solutions, the 16th Philippine Food Expo isn’t just another trade show; it’s a stage to demonstrate their unwavering dedication to empowering businesses and driving innovation in the dynamic landscape of the food industry.

Cloud Based POS Product Showcase

In a country renowned for its culinary heritage and entrepreneurial spirit, Condor POS Solutions is set to carve its place in history as a catalyst for positive change, one satisfied customer at a time.