On January 24, 2024, MISA Joint Stock Company (MISA) officially signed a cooperation agreement with Condor POS Solutions Company to promote the distribution of MISA CukCuk restaurant management software in the Philippine market with the goal of achieving Revenue of 5 million USD in the next 3 years.

Specifically, the two sides agreed to set a goal of making MISA CukCuk the TOP 1 POS software in the Philippines, reaching 5,000 customers and a revenue of 5 million USD by 2026.

Mr. Le Hong Quang – Permanent Deputy General Director of MISA and Ms. Anabel Appleton – President of Condor POS Solutions represented the two sides to sign a cooperation agreement to deploy restaurant management solutions in the Philippine market.

According to MISA’s survey, the Philippines is a large market with a population of more than 100 million people and increasing consumer demand for food and beverage (F&B) products and services. Currently, this market owns nearly 100,000 restaurants, cafes and more than 1,500 shopping centers. This will be a potential market to deploy the MISA CukCuk restaurant management solution to support F&B businesses and households to optimize operations and control business effectively, avoiding waste and loss. and increase sales.

Launched in 2017, MISA CukCuk software developed by MISA is a comprehensive restaurant management solution based on cloud computing technology. The software meets all basic to advanced operations of all F&B models such as receiving orders, automatic payments, receiving real-time reports, managing the kitchen preparation process, and managing inventory. warehouse, shopping… With nearly 10 years of entering the international market, MISA CukCuk is currently present in 22 countries around the world, including major markets such as the US, Canada, Australia, Japan….

MISA CukCuk’s management interface is suitable and convenient according to the needs of customers in each country.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Le Hong Quang – Permanent Deputy General Director of MISA highly appreciated the cooperative relationship with Condor POS Solutions and affirmed: “This is an important step in the strategy to conquer the market.” Philippines of MISA, contributing to the mission of bringing Make in Vietnam products to international level. MISA commits to accompanying Condor POS Solutions in market research to improve products to suit the characteristics of Philippine customers. MISA will also continuously update and apply the most advanced technology to make products increasingly superior, increase competitive advantage, and create the most favorable conditions for product distribution partners in the market.”.

Mr. Le Hong Quang – Permanent Deputy General Director of MISA spoke at the signing ceremony.

Working towards the extensive deployment of MISA CukCuk software in the Philippines, Mr. David Appleton – CEO of Condor POS Solutions Company shared: ” Condor POS Solutions confidently affirms that MISA is capable of understanding and shaping development directions in the international market in general and the Philippine market in particular. We are looking forward to the upcoming cooperation journey with MISA and are always optimistic about the results this partnership brings to both companies.” 

Mr. David Appleton – CEO of Condor POS Solutions Company spoke at the signing ceremony.

MISA is a leading IT enterprise in Vietnam providing digital transformation solutions in finance, accounting and business administration. After nearly 30 years of establishment and development, MISA has provided solutions to more than 270,000 customers who are businesses, individual business households and nearly 3.5 million individual customers in the country. In particular, with the spirit of “Go Global”, MISA’s solutions are currently available in 22 countries around the world.

Condor POS Solutions is a member unit of Condor Solutions Ltd. (Canada) headquartered in the Philippines, specializing in providing POS products for businesses and F&B businesses. With 10 years of experience, Condor POS Solutions is the Top 3 POS product suppliers in the Philippine market. Currently, the company is aiming to move from distributing desktop POS systems (Desktop POS System) to cloud-based POS systems (Cloud POS Systems) and MISA CukCuk has been chosen by the company to present. realize the above goal. 


Some other pictures at the event:

Mr. Le Hong Quang – Permanent Deputy General Director of MISA presented flowers to Ms. Anabel Appleton – President of Condor POS Solutions.

Mr. Le Hong Quang – Permanent Deputy General Director of MISA presented a souvenir to Mr. David Appleton – CEO of Condor POS Solutions.

Representatives of MISA and Condor POS Solutions took souvenir photos.

Representatives of Condor POS Solutions Company visited MISA’s headquarters. 

Representatives of Condor POS Solutions Company took souvenir photos with MISA employees,

The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between MISA and Condor POS Solutions is an important milestone in the cooperation journey between the two parties, helping to enhance synergy to bring MISA CukCuk further in the Philippine market. This also shows a new step for MISA on the journey to conquer the international market, contributing to making Make in Vietnam products marked on the world technology map.