The Manila Foods and Beverages Expo (MAFBEX) 2024 lit up the World Trade Center Metro Manila from June 12-16, 2024, celebrating the rich culinary heritage and innovation within the Filipino food and beverage industry. Themed “Eats Here!”, this year’s event fused the excitement of discovery with the vibrant flavors of the Philippines, making it a hotspot for culinary enthusiasts and industry professionals. Among the numerous exhibitors, Condor POS Solutions stood out, captivating attendees with their cutting-edge technology and game-changing offerings.

Senator Imee Marcos as Keynote Speaker at MAFBEX 2024

Leading the charge was Dave Appleton, CEO of Condor POS Solutions, alongside Kevin Poblete, who together took center stage for an enlightening talk on the Misa CukCuk Cloud-Based POS system. Their presentation highlighted the myriad features of the Misa CukCuk system, including Touch-Free QR dine-in, Mobile Ordering, Website Ordering, and Online Reservations. Designed to support multiple languages and operate without an internet connection, this cloud-based POS system promises to revolutionize how food and beverage businesses operate.

Appleton passionately spoke about the company’s mission to empower small business owners. “Our free Starter Plan is a testament to our commitment to support small businesses,” he stated. “By providing essential POS tools at no cost, we aim to remove barriers and help entrepreneurs thrive in this competitive industry.”

Condor POS Team with Chef Zhe

The expo buzzed with excitement as visitors flocked to the Condor POS Solutions booth, eager to experience firsthand how their products could enhance their operations. The Misa CukCuk system, in particular, drew significant attention for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features tailored to various types of establishments—from full-service restaurants and quick-service outlets to bars, cafes, and buffets.

Adding to the excitement, Condor POS Solutions’ innovative offerings were featured in the MAFBEX Scoop, a highlight reel showcasing the most impactful products of the expo. This recognition further solidified Condor’s reputation as a leader in providing top-tier business solutions.

The dynamic environment of MAFBEX 2024 was a perfect backdrop for Condor POS Solutions to demonstrate their expertise. The event was packed with activities, stage demos, competitions, and an array of food stalls that satisfied both taste buds and cravings. Amidst this vibrant scene, Condor’s presence was a beacon of innovation, providing attendees with insights into how technology can drive growth and efficiency in the culinary world.

CukCuk POS Machine at MAFBEX Scoop

For small business owners, the highlight of Condor’s participation was undoubtedly the announcement of the free Starter Plan. This initiative is set to provide substantial support to budding entrepreneurs, giving them access to essential tools without the financial burden. “It’s a big help for small businesses out there,” noted one enthusiastic attendee, echoing the sentiments of many others.

As MAFBEX 2024 drew to a close, the impact of Condor POS Solutions’ participation was unmistakable. Their innovative approach and commitment to supporting small businesses left a lasting impression on attendees and set a new standard for the industry. Dave Appleton and his team are now looking ahead, ready to continue their mission of providing the right business solutions and helping the food and beverage industry flourish.

Dave Appleton and Kevin Poblete takes the center stage of MAFBEX 2024

With the conclusion of this year’s expo, one thing is clear: Condor POS Solutions is not just part of the conversation—they’re leading it.