Appleton Little Paradise Beach Resort, Real Quezon – June 23-24, 2024

The vibrant shores of Appleton Little Paradise Beach Resort recently played host to an unforgettable weekend of team building and corporate camaraderie for the enthusiastic employees of Condor POS Solutions and Condor BPO Solutions. Spearheaded by the founders, Dave and Anabel Appleton, the event was designed to strengthen workplace bonds and foster a sense of unity among employees and their families.

The Venue: A Tropical Paradise

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Real Quezon, the resort’s three key venues—Appleton Little Paradise Beach Resort & Restaurant, Appleton Riverside Glamping and Campsite, and the idyllic Baluti Island—offered the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. Employees and their families enjoyed the pristine beaches, lush glamping sites, and the serene beauty of Baluti Island, making it an ideal setting for both recreational activities and team-building exercises.

Action-Packed Activities

The event featured a variety of engaging activities aimed at promoting teamwork and friendly competition among the four vibrant teams: Team Gigi in Pink, Team Anabel in Red, Team Dave in Blue, and Team Olie in Yellow.

  • Fishing: Participants cast their lines and shared fishing tips, fostering patience and teamwork.
  • Build a Sand Fort: Teams showcased their creativity and collaboration in building impressive sand structures.
  • Beach Volleyball: Intense matches highlighted the spirit of competition and cooperation.
  • Splash and Rise: A fun-filled water relay race that had everyone laughing and cheering.
  • Kadang Kadang 2.0: The traditional Filipino stilt race was a hit, testing balance and coordination.
  • Basketball: Fast-paced games brought out the competitive edge in many participants.
  • Big Ball Game: Teams worked together to maneuver giant balls across the beach.
  • Pass the Block: A strategic game requiring careful planning and coordination.
  • Balloon Caterpillar: This hilarious relay race had teams navigating an obstacle course while connected by balloons.
  • Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball and Pushing Giant Inflatable Ball: These unique games added a twist to traditional sports, emphasizing teamwork and strategy.

Culinary Delights and Raffle Surprises

No event would be complete without delicious food, and the Appleton Seafood Restaurant did not disappoint. Attendees indulged in an array of seafood delicacies, further enhancing the sense of community and enjoyment.

Adding to the excitement were the raffle prizes, with participants eagerly awaiting their chance to win cash rewards. The raffle added an element of surprise and joy, with many employees walking away with smiles and prizes.

Team Spirit and Chant Competition

The event also included a spirited chant competition, where each team showcased their creativity and enthusiasm. The results were:

  1. 1st Place: Team Gigi (Pink)
  2. 2nd Place: Team Anabel (Red)
  3. 3rd Place: Team Olie (Yellow)
  4. 4th Place: Team Dave (Blue)

Crowning the Champions

In the end, the overall champion title went to Team Olie (Yellow), whose exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship shone throughout the event.


Building Stronger Bonds

This memorable outing was more than just fun and games; it was a testament to the power of team building. By stepping outside the office environment and engaging in a variety of activities, employees and their families had the opportunity to connect on a personal level, appreciating each other’s strengths and overcoming challenges together.

The Condor POS Solutions’ team building event at Appleton Little Paradise Beach Resort was a resounding success, leaving participants with cherished memories and strengthened bonds that will undoubtedly enhance their collaboration and productivity in the workplace. Here’s to more such events that blend fun, relaxation, and team spirit in perfect harmony!